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yesterday, upper 50s to lower 60s in the forecast, 51 in concord 51 san rafael, upper 40s in napa. not a bad start, very similar to how we started yesterday. into the afternoon, 63 for hayward, 63 san francisco, 61 mountain view and 60 napa and santa rosa and perhaps 'outside shower as well. we are looking at mainly clear conditions and there is another shot at some rain and it looks to be a dryer system but a cooler system. temperatures are in the upper 60s and partly cloudy skies and dry on monday. >>> one california school district has some parents very upset. >>> also why lance armstrong's best selling books are now the target of a class action lawsuit. >>> traffic looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the wet roads. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then give
, napa, getting out the door, be prepared if you don't have fog we can't rule out the possibility in the afternoon as well. they are very similar to some say how we start the day. 52 in san jose widespread upper 50s for the afternoon and a little more sunshine and looking at extended forecast, mix of sun and clouds on friday and as we get into the weekend we will remain slightly unsettled, we have a system that is wet but not colder. stim fine tuning these modelsels and bringing us a few models into sunday. and meanwhile, i will show you what is left coming up. >>> this morning they are still looking for two suspectels that injured two teens. witnesses spots several young men running from the area of the gunfire. one of the two teens underwent surgery and is in stable condition. the shooting led to a brief lock out. >>> and it started just before 5:30 yesterday evening at an abandoned home on victoria street. it took two hours to put the fire out. they believe squatters may have started the fire and the fire is still being investigated. >>> coming up protests in san francisco. the
started to move out of here and has been a cool afternoon. san francisco 52, 55 in oakland, napa, 53. 54 in livermore, 51 in san jose, los gatos, 52. here's the forecast. get you through the work week. cold temperatures overnight. coastal clouds. another control, -- cool, breezy day monday, and then gradually begin to warm up tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. here's a look at the lows tonight. close to the freezing mark. in the north bay. santa rosa, napa, 35. 45 for san francisco. 41, oakland. interior east bay, livermore, 31. a little bit of frost out there in the valleys. 39 palo alto, and we'll keep it clear with morgan hill, 34. here's the setup. we are keeping a close eye on this upper level low. it's sitting there and spinning, and this is going to keep the cool air in our direction on monday. by tuesday high pressure will win out and that will set the stage for a dry and much warmer week ahead. by thursday and friday, temperatures around here will climb up 0 into the upper 60s, maybe even the 70s. something to look forward to 11:00 tonight, we'll keep it mostly clear, alt
degrees this morning up in napa. big changes out there. fairfield is 36. here's a look outside from our emeryville camera. we are also seeing some snow in the sierra nevada. i'll tell you what our cold spell, when it is going to snap and if we will see moisture around here when we return. >> can't wait. also next the sharks win again. patrick marlo makes history doing something that hasn't been done in 95 years. mike shumann has the highlights every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon
. 40 degrees in concord. freezing in napa. 32 degrees petaluma. also very cold this morning. sinking to 32. 42 in oakland. 47 in redwood city. 42 san jose. chilly start in sebastopol. 40 degrees in hillsburg to the east bay. 35 degrees for you in walnut creek. the winds again generally light. calm in napa as well as santa rosa. just a light breeze in oakland. livermore reporting calm conditions. it's right along the coastline and hills reporting gusty conditions. north westerly flow already settling in. that is drawing us out. that is why we are not seeing any fog out there. drier conditions already in place. we are seeing the cooler numbers as well. see just a little bit of moisture here dancing around unsettled weather in the forecast for today. should i mention that? it's almost an after thought. we have been seeing mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler. this system bringing colder air into the area. already settling in. filling it this morning and by the afternoon in addition to breezy conditions we can expect our temperatures to be below average. take a look at what i
for santa rosa. 37 in vallejo. 37 in napa. mid '40's and oakland. 45 in san mateo. >> taking a look at the wind speeds we have strong winds of 18 mi. per hour along the coastal waters. national weather service did talk about the slight chance less than a 10 percent chance to see light rain over the coastal waters. i do not think it will be a possibility. any rain we see their original plan will be very light. >> into the afternoon expect mostly sunny skies and dry conditions in clear conditions. >> we will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. fairfield at 57. 59 and hayward. lows 60s and oakland. 58 for downtown san francisco. >> satellite and radar shows high pressure in control. we are clear and dry. we will remain dry as we head into the next several days. >> off looking at the extended forecast clear conditions and son sunshine. by thursday mid to upper 60s. >> those around the heart of the vacancy low seventies for house south bay spots. inland lows will not be too bad--those are around the heart of the south bay. >> a very nice looking forecast coming up. those of you headi
of their viewing stand in washington, i'm tory dunnan. >> 30's right now in napa, vallejo and concord. warmer in daly city. we are expecting another beautiful day. the afternoon highs and are in the 60s for los gatos. and for the north bay, low 60s through napa and santa rosa. your full forecast, coming up. >> pam: celebrating the life of dr martin luther king on the holiday which honors his life. coming up. the local events in the bay area. and how he was remembered during the presidential inauguration today. >> coming up, the sacramento kings and if there you martin luther king remembered in the warriors game for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> pam: the controversy surrounding a notre dame football
, temperatures are cooling off to 49 degrees in santa rosa and 49 in napa. more comfortable that the 20s and 30s that we had. let's go to the sky camera network. there you go, there's the storm activity. lowering cloud ceilings and improving air quality. up to palo alto, on highway 1 near university avenue, you can see cars taking it slow and the brake lights have been a lot on that view today. cars sailing by, you can see how wet the roads are and it will stay that way into part of tomorrow morning. >> next 48 hours, we are going to see some of the sub strop cal moisture slide off to the east, here comes another smaller system. it's not going to be clear as we head right to the weekend. in fact, this is going to keep showers in the forecast, not only for friday, but maybe even a slight chance of showers into saturday's forecast. overall, expect cool weather as we head throughout friday, and also saturday, and also that chance of showers with sun mixed in as well. as for tomorrow morning, we can't rule out the chance here of stray showers across the east bay pa -- peninsula and the south bay. as
including napa, into fairfield, to the east. meanwhile if we shift a little south and southeast livermore, pleasanton, fremont, milpitas live rain and sunnyvale, milpitas, campbell, evergreen, los gatos and into and around scotts valley as well as santa cruz, light rain is falling. you can see the rain there. i am going to back it up and show you that. notice the low pressure off the coast of california. well, this is continuing to shift south but the wrap around moisture stretching north into the bay area, so if you are not dealing with rain you are dealing with cloud cover and the chance for showers remain in the forecast today. as i mentioned all the way into the weekend up settled weather is in the forecast. i will have a detailed time learn coming up. at this hour crews in marin county are still trying to repair a broken water main. the line burst and 2:15 this morning there. when our crews got there water was actually shooting eight feet into the air. at first crews thought someone just hit the fire hydrant but now they think it was actually blown by that break. the water was turned
away. >> in addition to playing in mill valley tonight, the group will play benefits concerts in napa saturday and in the hometown of santa cruz of stowe on sunday. >>the sharks are on the pacific division after winning the home opener against phoenix 5-3. the sharks return to the pavilion which is great news for the businesses which were hit hard by the lock out. abc7 news reporter has details. >> the pavilion is no longer a ghost town now that hockey is back in business. >> the greatest thing. we have been waiting all season. we are so glad they worked it out. we can still survive the season. >> if you think the fans are thrilled, talk to those would run the restaurants like the old wagon saloon and grill. >> fabulous. we have been waiting for a while. >> a difference of 20 percent of their annual revenue lost because of the lock out. ought shortened seasons mean shows hosts 24 regular-season home games rather than the usual 41. during the lock out some employees at h.p. pavilion had to get other jobs including a man who found work as a private chef. >> he had to figure out somewher
more of that than anything. 54 oakland, 58 santa rosa, 62 napa so for today these numbers actually slightly warmer than yesterday around and that is what i expect for the second half of today, 62 oakland, 62 for fremont, 62 san jose, low 60s for santa rosa as well as napa with that patchy fog lingering in some areas, santa rosa the visibility down to a quarter mile still although it is beginning to clear up and get better out there, your extended forecast with your weekend in view, you have to leave in that slight chance -- >> -- have to -- >> -- unexpectedly rain on your- >> -yeah -- >> -- really no reason to cancel those plans. >> rosemary thank you -- >> -- you -- >> -brian stowe is scheduled for tonight in the north bay. giants third base coach tim flannery and his band the lunatic fringe will perform there. the concert starts at 9:00 p.m. and will benefit the brian stowe medical care fund, he was injured there then. >>> coming up the nation's third richest man could be helping to keep the kings from moving. plus how much an unpublished photo of princess diana sold for. we will
this fire defensively. five alarms, several firecrews from napa and solano county came out to battle the blaze. right now crews are just wrapping up. >> we are going to keep the company out here for the rest of the night. we are going have the investigation team come in in the morning which is the normal protocol. we have no leads as far as anything being suspicious as far as how the fire started. it is a five-alarm fire. >> reporter: five alarms and they had anywhere from 90 to a hundred firefighters out here working this. when the fire first broke out there were some employees and customers inside. however, police were able to get them out safely. no injuries to anyone in the building and no injuries to any firefighters either. this fire broke out before 7:00 and it is now out. firefighters are staying on scene and no word what caused this blaze in the comedy theater. in fairfield, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> now to a developing story out of oakland. the police officer shot, he is the second officer wounded this week in the line of duty. the officer hit tonight was shot
from napa and solano county came out to battle the blaze. right now crews are just wrapping up. >> we are going to keep the company out here for the rest of the night. we are going have the investigation team come in in the morning which is the normal protocol. we have no leads as far as anything being suspicious as far as how the fire started. it is a five-alarm fire. >> reporter: five alarms and they had anywhere from 90 to a hundred firefighters out here working this. when the fire first broke out there were some employees and customers inside. however, police were able to get them out safely. no injuries to anyone in the building and no injuries to any firefighters either. this fire broke out before 7:00 and it is now out. firefighters are staying on scene and no word what caused this blaze in the comedy theater. in fairfield, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> now to a developing story out of oakland. the police officer shot, he is the second officer wounded this week in the line of duty. the officer hit tonight was shot in the leg in the fruit valley district. an undercover
, down eight in napa, down nine in concord. down nine in los gatos. no 60s today. most locations only in the mid-to-upper 50s, and that trend is going to be with us. the big culprit on the back side of a cold front. winds out of the north-northwest raising racing in, gusts at 32, sfo, 22 gusts in oakland, and these winds will stay up throughout the course of the evening. so the forecast, breezy and colder overnight, cool and windy day for your sunday, and then after that it looks like this dry weather pattern will stay with us throughout next week and each day those temperatures will slowly begin to warm up. chill canny overnight. inland locations. napa, 35, 34 for santa rosa, if the wind stays up in the valley areas you night that be as cold. we'll put you in the 30s. 46, san francisco 42, antioch, delta, you can possibly have some pockets of dense fog. this is a weak cold front, the jet stream pushing down in this area of low pressure, and also this very weak system will continue to move that colder air mass over the bay area. now, as this weak system moves through overnight tonight
hours. we are looking live receipt now from mt. tam. boy, numbers drop around napa and the delta. 32 degrees this morning. mid-30s out towards our east bay valleys. right now really clear conditions. we will still keep the threat of showers mainly south from south of san jose, san mateo and cupertino. further south than that we have picked up some clouds and some sprinkles. right now in the sierra nevada we are looking at the snow winding down, but still around colfax definitely some travel troubles if you are headed up to the mountains. 43 right now in concord. on the other side of 40, but just 42 in napa. good morning, san francisco, 47 for you. it's just mid-40s for watsonville. we are definitely cooler, as much as 11 are december colder this morning in concord. and looking at four degrees colder in san francisco. so it's the chilly numbers. we are below average. it will be windy. in fact wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour right any along the coast. but dry weather continues. in fact a big warmup by thursday. you can see the flow. it's out of the north. we are looking another this
area. 65 in napa reported by the national weather service, otherwise everyone was well into the 50s. a couple of degrees below average for this time. but, right now, clear skies, san francisco, and the temperatures have been dropping quickly. 47 degrees in san francisco. 42 in santa rosa. currently in the middle 40s at mountain view tonight. overnight, dipping into the middle 30s, notice, the freezing areas in concord, below freezing, livermore, below freezing in santa rosa. near freezing in sanoma and napa. so obviously we with will have a little spotty frost, tomorrow morning, for the commute and the extended forecast causes for a dry and warmer weather pattern. the area of low pressure banging up along the northwest. bringing rain and even some light snow into the cascades. otherwise, north western part of the state also with dicey precipitation, we have the area of low pressure to the east of us now. high pressure builds in. drying out nicely. even though the future cast watches it tick on by. light rainfall off of the coast. that is where
the temperatures, 48 at novato and napa, and 49 in concord and low-to-mid 50's, including 53 in san francisco, oakland is 54 and low-to-mid 50's around the monterey bay and inland. a shower is possible throughout the day, and it will be cooler this weekend with limited showers, and warmer and more dry next week. you can see the low is dropping to the south with a southeast moist wind and so we will have scattered shower today and the cold front comes in with the front we will have our best chance of showers and the air mass behind it is unstable but fairly dry and another chance of a shower on sunday. you can see our best chance this morning, down to the south, and it kind of falls apart headed to the afternoon hours with just a spotty shower and during the evening hours and here comes the cold front tomorrow morning, and that will bring us our best chance of showers as we get on the back side of it, you can see how we clear out and temperatures drop into the mid-to-upper 50's tomorrow and mid-50's with a chance of a shower on sunday and i will go dry on monday with mid-50's and slowly gettin
it was not fatal because of the severity. there are fundraising concerts this weekend, one in napa and another in instruction tomorrow, and giants coach's band is donating proceeds to the family. >> san francisco's district attorney has announced 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the accusation stems from an encounter with a woman at a hotel two weeks after the playoff win over green bay. the d.a. determined this was not enough evidence to prosecute crabtree. the super bowl bound 49ers say we can now put this behind us and move forward. >> japan's airways canceled all flights between shows and tokyo because of the problems with the boeing 787 dreamliner. we captured the arrival of the ana first nonstop between tokyo and silicon valley. regulators in japan and the united states grounded the new jumbo jets after a series of problems including fires caused by the jet's battery. boeing says the bobo -- boeing 787 dreamliner is safe but being checked out by authorities worldwide. >> taking revenge on so-called revenge porn website. the lawsuit against x-rate
with significant warming by the middle of the week. so right now we've come up with a degree in napa, 33. good morning, san francisco, 46 for you and temperatures dropping in santa rosa. 43 san jose and 46 redwood city. along the monterey bay we are looking at 48 santa cruz and 49 monterey. here's the 15 degrees of cooling compared to 24 hours ago in napa. five degrees cooler downtown and even in the valley, livermore 9 degrees cooler and santa clara 8 degrees cooler. so you felt it last night, the dewpoints are cloweer. the sprinkles perhaps on the peninsula, san benito county and monterey as the trough sweeps through. it's also trying big 12 in the cool air. winds out of the northwest again today and the warmer air heads our way by the middle of the week. but today compliments of this area of low pressure, we've got some sierra snow flying, up to 6 inches in parts of the mountains. but with very little moisture in place it's not going to%squeeze out much. in fact, most of the moisture is running parallel along the coast. so cooler air in place and here's a look at our computer animation. tha
will be held until he is deemed competent to stand trial. it is believed he will wind up at napa state hospital where he will receive treept for schizophrenia and will receive medication for the same condition. the court will get progress reports every 90 days. authorities say he, a former university student, planned the killing spree at the school that caters to korean immigrants after he became angry with school officials over a tuition dispute. >>> a pileup in san jose earlier tonight sent a dozen people to hospital. the crash happened around 6:30 this evening at the intersection of highway 101 and interstate 880. of those seven vehicles were involved remarkably there were no serious injuries. the chp is investigating what triggered that pileup. >>> and if you saw heavy black smoke over the santa clara valley this morning it was from a fire burning at a cupertino cement plant. truck equipment and tires caught fire a little before 6:00 this morning on the 24,000 block of stevens creek boulevard. folks reported see that smoke as far away as highway 280. no one was injured and the cause is unde
. what we're waking up to temperatures in the north bay. 30's for napa. 40's through san jose but it is going to be gorgeous 50s through los gatos. mainly low 60s. 63 through napa. we do have changes in the forecast. with rainfall returning. it details on that, coming up. >> pam: instead of 'buying' back guns today, marin officials asked residents to voluntarily hand over their weapons . after running out of money during a similar event last week. here you can see video from last tuesday's buy back. so many firearms were surrendered, that the county spent its budgeted money in the first 90- minutes. and then handed out 60-thousand dollars worth of i-o-u's. kron 4's maureen kelly reports. today's turnout was much smaller without the cash incentive. but netted some big guns nonetheless. >> reporter: one of the first weapons turned in mondaywas this ar-15 assault rifle.exactly the type of firearm marin county officials were hoping for. >> when we respond to a call if this weapon is involved it is extremely dangerous >> reporter: the person who surrendered it.also gave up a shotgu
temperature change, and there are evening exceptions, napa is five degrees cooler, but everyone else is the same if not warmer. that puts us frosty around fairfield at 31 and concord at 32 and everyone else in the upper 30's to low 40's. the next couple of days show showers possible tomorrow. cooler weather on thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, mike. slow traffic north 101 in san jose beyond julian because of an accident on the shoulder. can you see speeds under 30 miles per hour. north 1121 at highway 116 in sonoma area an accident partly blocking the northbound lane of 121. seminary avenue at east 17th in oakland, ongoing police activity and investigation, asking you stay out of that area in the city of oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on early and backing to the macarthur maze and a new stall block a fast track lane. kristen and eric? >> we will keep an eye on that. authorities in nevada could identify the 20 year police veteran accused of killing his wife and child before taking his life in boulder city 20 miles southeast of las vegas. police respo
as for downtown san francisco. the north bay will have mid to upper 50s perry ed it will be 59 degrees for napa and 54 is expected for san rafael. >> the 7 day or around the bay shows the there will be plenty of sunshine and gradual warming. it >> officers in san francisco will start handing out tickets tomorrow to cars at expired meters. the city started charging for parking on sundays between noon and 6:00 p.m. back on january the sixth period but up until now, officers have only given out warnings. drivers do have the option of prepaying for their meter time. if the time expires, they run the risk of a ticket that will cost between $62.70 $2. >> would you sell your last name? and if so, how much would you sell it for? a san francisco-based company paid a man to rename hisself after their company. kron4 us at tech reporter gabe slate shows us the market extremes businesses are now going to to get your attention. >> i put this up for $0 and i have 43 days for the auction time. the winner was san francisco. they are a website that sells any types of headsets. because they are web base and they
rosa, concord, 29. napa airport is 40 but closer to napa valley -- i've seen upper 20s to near 50. highs today will be 60s to maybe a few low 70s towards santa cruz. but we'll have more on the changes coming up in about ten minutes. >>> 7:26. a deadly rollover crash. it happened last night outside of an industrial plant. what happened here in the east bay and the many questions that still have to be answered. >>> marin county pushes to get more guns off the street. we'll tell you about a gun buyback program that's missing one key element when "mornings on 2" continues. w >>> we're looking at live pictures. we are one hour away from the start of the inauguration ceremony in washington, d.c. for president obama's second term. there's senator john kerry there. there's senator levin next to him. members of the united states congress now filing out. there's orrin hatch of utah. there's john mccain and there's san francisco senator dorothy -- dianne feinstein. >> there you go. >> forgive me. i'm trying to think of all of the names i'm seeing. they are filing in. an estimated 800,000 peo
and below freezing temperatures for a while now. 67degrees for the high today in morgan hill. 65 in napa. as we go through time you can watch this weather system. it's an interesting one. it doesn't -- it looks potent because there's a lot of moisture. it's a warm weather system but it's kind of spreading out. it's kind of splitting apart a little bit. so the dynamics with this storm are going to be less than the one that would come in in one piece and really whack us. so the events tomorrow are going to be relatively light. some folks maybe just trace amounts of rain. it's cold outside right now. cloudy in brentwood, cloudy in liver mother. the high temperatures today will be in the 60s. the high temperatures will be in the 50s. 56 at oakland, 57 in santa rosa. overnight lows tonight or when you get going tomorrow morning, wednesday morning not as cold as they have been. the rain gets here but it doesn't get here in the morning. looks like it's going to be more till after lunchtime kind of thing. accumulation, this is the model. it says it's going to be about .13 in napa. .08 in oakland
of fairfield, headed up toward open waters, actually, in napa county, and over to napa, you can see around california boulevard we have better radar returns and along the coast to bodega bay. we are four to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday with temperatures in the mid-40's to low 50's. in the afternoon, mid-50's to low 60's with light rain developing for all of us. >> we go now to san rafael if you go to lucas valley road and the marin ymca the head lights headed southbound, everything is moving nicely and filtering to the golden gate bridge with debris second lane from the left mid-span and i do not see a lot of traffic so hopefully that will be cleared up between now and the next few minutes with four lanes for the southbound commute. bart is back on time after an early delay that is cleared. no mass transit problems. it is "spare the air" day so consider mass transit this morning. >> new this only we are lending the results of just concluded investigations into boeing 787 dreamliner, with japan transport agency ruling out overcharging as the charge of battery overheating. officials say
, to 17 degrees warmer in napa. it is a change when you step outside this morning. temperatures in the mid-40's in santa rosa, fairfield, concord, upper 40's to low 50's elsewhere, and the monterey bay, here's the newest temperatures, upper 40's to low 50's and the cool spot at 44 degrees. rain develops and cooler conditions today and scattered showers tonight through thursday and cooler scattered showers saturday, sunday and monday. it will be chilly with a chance of rain. check out this huge system developing and trapping the miscellaneous, we will get a healthy amount of rain. we will get up to three quarters of an inch at the highest elevations and along the coast. you can see the rain developing steady headed to lunch hour and into the afternoon hours and when the evening commute is ending at 7:00 or 8:00, it will be scattered showers through thursday morning and light scattered sures are possible on thursday. headed into friday we will get a break with temperatures in the mid-50's to 60 and the second system comes down great alaska and we are in the mid-50's over the weekend with pos
visibility between 5 and ten miles. 52 degrees in oakland, 48 in napa and novato and we are very similar as to how we started so maybe walk the dog or head out to work and let's find some of that rain. we have to shift to the north, santa cruz watsonville continuing to show scattered showers and this system is pulling south and we will continue to pick up the wrap around moisture and you can see the brunt of it over areas as well as salina. if i back it up, i will show you the center of circulation off the southern coastline at this point but the wrap around moisture will continue. we will leave in a possibility of partly sunny skies and temperatures are a tad warmer, up to 50s and 60s as well as hayward and san jose. 59 san rafael, 60 degrees this afternoon in san francisco. the extended forecast there, temperatures will remain on the mild side to cool side for the afternoon on friday, mix of sun and clouds and that next chance of rain will come in time for your weekend and this system is not as wet but cooler dropping from the gulf of alaska and bringing our temperatures to upper 50s f
at more dense fog with a quarter mile livermore, as well as napa, santa rosa and just a mile along the coast. so heading out be careful. there is that fog and the reduced visibility from time to time. but overall numbers in general are warmer in some spots, cooler elsewhere. but it is a pretty nice morning out there because the trade off in the days ahead will be much cooler temperatures overnight into the early morning hours. so areas of fog turning cooler today with numbers below the average and a cool, dry pattern into next week. we around talking about any incoming weather system. so that snowpack is slipping. we are down to 99% of normal. started out the month with 136% of normal in the sierra snowpack. here's the cold front. it's the leading edge of cooler arrowheaded our way throughout the weekend but it will also provide a slight chance of a shower. cooler air comes on in the next couple days and that will allow for the numbers to really take a tumble. had some pretty good rain yesterday in southern california from san diego into los angeles. that continues with a chance of
upper 30's around los gatos and san jose and fairfield and napa and santa rosa and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 30's but san francisco and half moon bay in the upper 40's. this afternoon, mid-to-upper 50's, but it will be breezy for another day. the next three days, it will be the same tomorrow and warmer on wednesday and thursday. >> now the antioch commute, highway 4, westbound, the abc7 traffic app the red line is showing slow speeds from hillcrest with heave traffic westbound highway 4, and you can download this at apple app and google play with a system-wide delay for the capital corridor train. service now is resumed between davis and sacramento but delays are 30 to 90 minutes. everyone else is on time including bart and muni. >> the florida mother acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old is bankrupt. a tv station reports she filed for bankruptcy on the same day on appeals court tossed out two convictions against her. it is believed she is between 500,000 and $1 million in debt with most of that stemming from fees for her legal team and private investigators. a florida j
is a there is some areas that are very warm, santa rosa 30s, napa 30s and we will start off sunny and this will be a slow moving system and it will merge as two systems will merge tomorrow. high clouds today but sunny for a while and he hazy skies as they filter in low 60s now. everybody will filter off in santa cruz and 74 and i am pretty sure that was it, really warm towards santa cruz, cloudy, not a lot of rain, but with your weekend always in view cloudy friday and saturday and another round arrives and that will be colder as well. >>> thursday night the community in contra costa county will talk about closing the fire station along with stations in lafayette clayton and martinez. they were shuttered to help close a budget deficit. >>> a man who escaped from a california prison has been captured after 17 years on the run. jose was living in a home in southern california. he was convicted for a couldn't sold substance for sale. he is now at the county ups actual for men. >>> a flight to new orleans will new orleans will be on wait. >>> and as you drive over to 101 and 280 is al
believe adam just tweeted me, is that right, i think so. 54 in napa and a goodbye to those 40s and cloud cover with occasionally some light rain and the air mass is still really dry. there could be some light rain in advance of it. and that low will give us a lot of cloud cover. warmer lows but cooler afternoon high temperatures, 50s to lower 60s and more of a southerly breeze more humidity as well and with your weekend always in view, maybe the northern system and i don't think there will be much rain but we mentioned it, pam. >>> and they are saying he inspired fans in many ways for fans who want to be inked up and there is now a product called capper net. they are sold for individual tattoos up to $20 for a set of three. >>> 4:51 is the time right now, music is blaring from the san francisco waterfront. the big entertainer which signed up and a group of palo alto students visit the white house and we will have their surprising end counter with the president. >2Ñlñ@ e@ . >>> time now 4:53 a berkeley company is recalling 750 and they found pieces of dough and flower in a metal mill. n
is called an f moving out of line there. lots of sunshine and a treat to see all of those big scenes. napa topped out 57. san jose 64 and mountain view in the mid-60s. our live storm tracker 2. already dropping to the mid- to upper 40s near fairfield, napa, santa rosa. san jose in the upper 40s at 48 degrees. for tonight mostly clear skies. your monday mostly sunny and mild. your martin luther king junior day. for wednesday, wednesday clouds and we will drop off those temperatures and the latest forecast model increasing fog chances. san francisco 43 and san jose 36 degrees. a quick look at the public inauguration forecast for washington, d.c. you can see the cloud cover on the increase first thing tomorrow morning. there's a slight chance of some rain or snow by mid- to late afternoon but the bulk of the activity mainly out to the west. temperatures for afternoon highs mainly in the mid- to low 40s. we had lots of clear skies. high pressure is still in full command of our weather. mostly clear skies. we're going to hold on to that easterly flow. tuesday a few clouds into late afternoon. h
on the weather. if you have the day off? it looks like it is a requirement. 31 degrees in napa is pretty chilly. released cold and tahoe fiord >> it is going to be gorgeous for skiing. and we have a lot going on with the 49ers. >> the first family goes to church on their special morning. it shows the president joe biden and his wife the stage is set and in high gear. the constitution mandates that the takes the focus on the 20th and that was yesterday. however, this morning, before the public opening there will be video of one of the most highly anticipated and watched moments will be the is the public address. we will bring that to you live. and also, political analyst, michael yaki will also be joining us. >> 6:12 and still ahead on the kron 4 news we have just one person that we are live on the scene with new information. >> i am so happy. if they can take this all of the way if >> welcome back. this man was killed and hospitalized. we have a reporter on the scene to give you more news faster jackie? >> yes, and i am at san francisco general. this second effect on according to the san franci
readings in the 20s it looks lake the coldest weather mainly around 30 at santa rosa, 31 at napa and livermore. 32 concord. 28 or between in fairfield that looks like it will be the cold spot overnight. we have another mild day coming tomorrow and some big changes in our pattern by midweek tell you all about that in a few minutes. >> okay thanks spencer vichlt police in hayward on the look out for thieves who stole a dozen cars from used car lot did. they broke into the auto world on mission boulevard early this evening. employee says they broke through the front gate. kicked in the office door then snatched the key from his a lock box. cars are estimated to be worth 20 200,000 dollars. auto world owner says huge set back for the business. >> over all first of the year is the toughest then after that hopefully everything but us a can see every day used car lot closes. it's very difficult issue. >> police are searching for 4 people who were seen on nearby surveillance video. >> neighbors in rohnert park are calling man hero tonight after he helped save the lives of 5 peop
are talking about the temperatures. on average we are 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. >> napa 17 degrees warmer than yesterday's. >> 47 for napa. 52 in vallejo. 52 for san francisco. transitioning into the afternoon temperatures will be cooler than yesterday's still above average in the south bay. >> redwood city 62. the same for campbell and los gatos. upper 50s in the east bay interior valleys. >> fairfield 56. 59 for castro valley. cloudy skies, light rain off and on for the north bay. 56 for petaluma and santa rosa 55 if you're heading to ocean beach. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights several changes we will return to wet weather into saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies and gradually cooler weather as we start the next work weeks. george. >> thank you erica. we just got our port of an accident and hayward. it is a potential hot spots. southbound at 92 on the nimitz freeway. the concern is that they have dispatched an ambulance to this location with suspicion of injuries that could mean a longer time to clear and lanes staying blocked on '80s south bound. >>
it. 54 in half-moon bay, redwood city is close, much warmer inland and even napa airport, a balmy 52 compared to yesterday. there is hit and miss / and dash -- splash and dash showers. cloudy light rain, warmer lows but cooler afternoon highs. mid-50s, upper 50s and low 60s which was so warm for a while and it is starting to get around with inland temperatures. cloudy to mostly cloudy, all the way to friday, with your weekend always in view, your forecast models are having a hard time. colder systems on saturday and there is cold light rain but we will mention some. >>> another bank robbery in marin county and the suspect believes it might be linked to other cases. >>> this is the best decision i have ever made but for him, it was the right decision. >>> the biological mother of colin, she talks about the day she misses him the most each year. >>> and it is one of the largest firefighter responses ever, stay tuned for more. . >>> welcome back. 6:12 is the time, firefighters are battling this fire. it is the largest firefighting response in seven years. the fire is endangering several
. and son gnomea, napa we're seeing light rain. some light rain as we travel here. in the east bay we're seeing from drizzly conditions to light rain being reported. el-cerrito and concord area. down the peninsula we go down to edge water boulevard the rain had varied quite a bit. third of an inch in san francisco, 11/100ths. oakland, conk yorkd a tenth of an inch or less. don't fit the umbrellas yet. i'll let you know when the next system will arrive. >> oakland city officials trying to do everything they can to stop the skyrocketing crime rate. last night, several key components of a crime fighting plan were approved including hiring of a controversial consult yanlt. hundreds turned out to both support and condemn william bratton, former new york city police commissioner and lapd chief who has come under fire for aggressive policing tactic autos neither the devil which is to say nor savor, part of a team. >> this particular splan not about bill bratton but policy partnerships. bill bratton is a member of the team. >> the council approved other crime fighting measures including an ad
. they had to go outside and fight this fire defensively. five alarms, several firecrews from napa and solano county came out to battle the blaze. right now crews are just wrapping up. >> we are going to keep the company out here for the rest of the night. we are going have the investigation team come in in the morning which is the normal protocol. we have no leads as far as anything being suspicious as far as how the fire started. it is a five-alarm fire. >> reporter: five alarms and they had anywhere from 90 to a hundred firefighters out here working this. when the fire first broke out there were some employees and customers inside. however, police were able to get them out safely. no injuries to anyone in the building and no injuries to any firefighters either. this fire broke out before 7:00 and it is now out. firefighters are staying on scene and no word what caused this blaze in the comedy theater. in fairfield, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> now to a developing story out of oakland. the police officer shot, he is the second officer wounded this week in the line of duty. the of
will be held tonight in napa and tomorrow in santa cruz, still as the hometown. >> the day it happened, it didn't just affect him. everybody became the full-time care givers and their families. >> reporter: all proceeds benefit the stowe foundation. they have already raised $70,000 through performances and dvd sales. at, we have posted a link to find his dvd to benefit brian stowe. look for the section under hot topics right there on the front page. >>> a teenage girl attacked by a fellow student on the east bay campus high school is showing signs of improvements. the attack happened in oakley. they say that the two girls had a war of words on social media, escalating into a fight in the school cafeteria. the injured girl who is a senior was air lifted to the hospital with neck and head injuries, said to be coherent and communicating. police arrested the other girl. >>> reported seeing a man with a gun at cupertino middle school made the story up. s.w.a.t. teams responded, also alarming parents who were notified by phone and e-mail about the search for a gunman. >> we emptied the city
flannery organized the show. the show started at uptown theater in napa and another concert will be held tomorrow in stow's hometown of santa cruz. he was readmitted to the hospital after for treatment of a blood clot. >>> family and friends joined a whose who of baseball greats at funeral services for stan musial. musial's family was joined by baseball commissioner bud selig and lowe brock along with tony la russa, whitey herzog and joe torre. the 92-year-old musial died at his home in st. louis last saturday. >>> a public hearing on an appeal to stop development at pete's harbor in redwood city has been postponed. the hearing was scheduled for monday, but city canceled it after the developer and save peeter's harbor group asked for a delay. the stand lands commission is asked to clarify whether the lease on the outer harbor can be transferred to the developer. >>> a mountain lion was spotted by a remote-controlled camera at a south bay nature preserve. here is the. check it out. this picture was taken at the blue oak reserve this month. it's it's a former cattle reserve that is now use
30s in fairfield and napa. santa rosa 41 degrees. downtown san francisco 48. and san jose in the 40s as well. forecast headlines for tonight. partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow some patchy morning fog and fair skies into the afternoon hours but a few more clouds to start out your monday morning. the extended dry weather pattern and temperatures will be warming up. here's a look at the chilly overnight lows. upper 20s toward napa, santa rosa 33. san jose 40 with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. of course new orleans a very popular destination this weekend. if you're heading out to check out the super bowl. over the next few days we're focusing on monday. tomorrow not too bad with partly cloudy skies. tuesday night look what happens. rain showers on the increase. there's a chance we could have some thunderstorms in the new orleans area by tuesday night and into wednesday morning. you can see the forecast really picking up on the rainfall rates and the possibility of a few storms. once again clouds moving in but a changing weather pattern. first thing tomorrow morning, patchy fog and
orrow morning. we will definitely put a chance of sprinkles in our forecast. it is getting cold and napa at 37 and 48 in san francisco and 46 in san jose. a cold weekend. we will warm up this upcoming workweek. my accu-weather seven-day forecast is straight ahead. >> thank you so much. >>> now to the tragic nightclub fire in brazil. it hpped in the southern brazil town of santa maria. here are the details. >> reporter: you are looking at the desperate effort to save lives as a saturday night party turned into a national tragedy at this club in brazil. young men swung axes and sledgehammers trying to hack out escape routes for those hiding behind the walls. the club was packed with college party goers when members of the band on stage reportedly lit flares to set the ceiling on fire. >> flames and smoke out raced the terrified crowd which jammed the exit in a mad dash to escape. the club was a death trap. there was so much smoke and fire said one survivor that it was complete panic. hundreds were killed. most reportedly from asphyxiation. firefighters and ambulance workers did what they could t
'll most likely be treated for schizophrenia at napa state hospital. the court will receive a progress report every 90 days. earlier this month a judge decided goh was incompetent to stand trial. prosecutors say he plans the killing spree after becoming angry with school officials over a tuition dispute. >>> some quirky fixtures with tiny beards and mini little pants on there in oakland could be removed by pg&e. they wear knickers. dozen of tiny gnomes have popped up attached to fences and power poles there. pg&e says it's concerned that the screws they drill into the walls there to will compromise the structural integrity of the phone poles and prompt others to attach creations to the poles which creates a maintenance issue for utility workers. but neighbor say the gnomes bring joy to passers by and prompting gnome hunts out there. and the neighbors, some feel they should just be left alone. >> hopefully they can find some even ground. >> make everybody happy. show the love. >> like the weather. there's a warm-up. >> there's a story you don't hear every day. 11:10 now. we're getting s
to the bay area. before we get there here's a look at current conditions. above the freezing mark in napa. 51 in richmond. low for is for oakland and hayward. 37 in san mateo. futurecast 4 takes a look at the numbers drop the day. by 8:00 a.m. mainly some fifties, forties. holding on to the '30's along the delta. by lunch, we will see a wide range of 60s for the south bay. lows 60s in the north bay. 50s are around some of our inland areas. >> again, temperatures will be warmer than the seasonal average but not as one registered a. here's a complete breakdown of your afternoon highs. 61 for richmond downtown san francisco. 62 in hayward. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights lane on the way. as of now it is looking like a 60 percent chance. i have observed the models and pretty much everyone will contend with some light rain. it will not be a huge rain maker. temperatures will be warmer and we are back to sunshine on thursday. >> friday a slight chance for friday'showers and partly cloudy skies. a rainy weekend and a potential to continue to the next work week. >> meantime, q
of a mile for santa rosa. still under 2 mi. for napa and navato. >> 3 mi. around oakland area coming down the east bay shoreline. i've with extra caution we have locally dense fog. taking a look in your head lights into the afternoon mostly cloudy i think we will see a war breaks of sunshine that we did yesterday afternoon. weather continues to be unsettled. temperatures will be in the upper 50s lows 60s. such a chance for showers start to hold on to a potential upstart into the evening hours. details on what we get calls coming up in just a bit. james. >> thank you erica a developing story out antioch park. it happened near sutter elementary school in antioch. >> off we're showing you the school. highway 4 the freeway. the school is dazzled inside a residential community. the building in the driveway that leads into the parking area where the kids come and go from campus. that is where it had yesterday's. that is where we find on for 12th tran live with details on the story. >> will tran. >> all parents know what happened yesterday's spirited boy was heading home a man pulled up to him a
tomorrow upper 50s and 60s. it should be a pretty nice today as the sky is clear out 60s through in napa, half moon bay and the inland areas. 60s through san francisco. as for the sierras, we are going to see some snowfall of the higher elevations. the chance for rain fall on friday, and the chance for rain/snowfall mixture. rain for altering through temperatures will be in the 40's. they looked at your extended forecast with a chance of early morning showers. otherwise, dry conditions and we could see largely dry conditions on friday. spotty shower activity on/off through the weekend. also cooler temperatures >> we all know that the 49ers are going to the super bowl. we're all excited. and colin kaepernick. however, he was best known for baseball. headed to the super bowl. and a lot of focus is on 49er's rookie quarterbackbut in college , kap was best known for baseball instead of football. keeping his n-f-l dreams what is was like for him growing up. comments. >> we always have he was very competitive. >> unfortunate, they lost two children because of heart disease. >> when he was 4 y
, mainly in the 60s, napa, 62. 53, san francisco. los gatos, 55. but we have trimmed some temperatures off. livermore, 59. here's a look at the forecast. we'll continue with a clear, cold temperature overnight. continued mild for monday. and a chance of showers will sneak in here wednesday. lows tonight, generally in the 30s in the north and east bay locations, 40s for san francisco. here is the forecast map, gang. high pressure bringing us a delightful weekend. going to stay in place for two more days, so you can expect sunny and mild conditions again tomorrow, as we head into wednesday, though, this high is going to start to break down. the jet stream is going to push towards the east and that's going to allow the stationary front to move in here and bring us a chance of a few showers in the north bay. so enjoy tomorrow. it's a holiday. palo alto, 65. 56, san jose. antioch, oakley, brentwood, in the mid-to-low 60s, and once again in the 70s for santa cruz, watsonville, and salinas. the stenday travesty. chance of rain in the north buy and then the next chance of seeing a widespread showe
will be dropping off quickly. offshore winds backing off a little bit. still noticing some of that napa in fairfield right now. pillar point, still seeing swells offshore, close to 9 feet earlier this morning. we did have 15 to 20-foot waves earlier. the high surf advisory has been allowed to expire. short term, not much change. patchy frost inland. wednesday, high pressure's going to weaken enough to allow a slight chance of showers to drop in on us midweek. best chance of rain next weekend. satellite view quite dry. high pressure acting like a shield over the west coast. storms try to approach the west coast and move off to the north and scoot down to the east of the rockies. this is going to change around wednesday. the high's going to flat p out and move a little bit to the east. that will open the door right around midday wednesday. with the dry air in place, not expecting a lot out of this. by next weekend, a wetter system will approach the coast. very likely next saturday and sunday, not as sunny or nice as we enjoyed this weekend. future cast for tomorrow, showing the cloud cove
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